About Us

We provide a range of tailored support services to UK schools, colleges and universities as well as Chinese students and their families.

We help students from locations including China, Hong Kong and Taiwan thrive within the UK education system.

Bridge Chinese Student Support is led by Airiel Lin, an experienced educational practitioner who has worked in UK schools and colleges for over 15 years. 

Airiel holds a range of qualifications including a Masters degree from Kent University and a teaching diploma from the Taipei Language Institute. 

Having grown up in Taiwan before undertaking postgraduate study in the UK, Airiel is well placed to address the problems faced by overseas students, and the educational establishments they attend.

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We believe in providing exceptional support to students from locations including China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, giving them the necessary tools to thrive, allowing them to reach their full potential.  

Whether approached by an educational establishment, a student or their family, a guardian or carers, we can offer a range of services including:

Individual educational, emotional and practical support, staff training, student welcome events and translation and marketing services.

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