About Us

Bridge Chinese Student Support is led by Airiel Lin, an experienced educational practitioner who has worked in UK schools and colleges for over 15 years. 

Airiel holds a range of qualifications including a Masters degree from Kent University and a teaching diploma from the Taipei Language Institute. 

Having grown up in Taiwan before undertaking postgraduate study in the UK, Airiel is well placed to address the problems faced by overseas students, and the educational establishments they attend.

Airiel’s dedication to continued professional development means she is up to date with a range of educational policies and areas such as Mental Wellbeing in Children and Young People, Safeguarding Young People, Equality and Diversity as well as British Sign Language

This expertise, together with the support and services of a network of trusted colleagues means Bridge Chinese Student Support can offer a wide range of services to education providers and their students.

Recent training and certification includes:

  • Mental Wellbeing in Children and Young People
  • Understanding Children and Young People’s Mental Health
  • Child Protection In Education
  • Safeguarding Young People
  • Online Safety
  • Supporting Staff Wellbeing In Schools
  • British Sign Language
  • Domestic Abuse: Children and Young People
  • Equality and Diversity
  • Fire Safety in Education
  • Health & Safety in Education: Staff Awareness
  • Substance Misuse Risks
  • Preventing Bullying
  • Raising Awareness of Peer-on-peer Abuse
  • Administration of Medication in Schools

Please get in touch if you would like further details of how Bridge Chinese Student Support can assist you and your students, ensuring educational, emotional and practical support is in place.