We believe in providing exceptional support to students from locations including China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, giving them the necessary tools to thrive and allowing them to reach their full potential.  

Whether approached by an educational establishment, a student or their family, guardian or carers, we can offer a range of services including:

Assisting with student welcome events and material creation.

Making new students feel at home in their new environment is crucial – we can provide the tools to make sure this takes place. 

From assisting with the translation or creation of welcome literature, to running welcome events, we’re here to help. 

The first few days and weeks can provide a fantastic foundation for successful study in the UK, we’d love to help you make the most of this most important of times. 

We can help set out expectations, provide practical guidance as well as help highlight some of the cultural differences students should expect – all the while preparing them for life in the UK.

Staff training

Teaching and support staff are central to making Chinese students feel welcome, helping them quickly settle into their new life. 

We can increase staff awareness of the cultural and educational differences that can be expected, and introduce methods to bridge the differences, creating a constructive relationship moving forward.  

Individual support

Even with the best efforts of staff members, Chinese students in the UK can encounter issues that can stand in the way of them reaching their aims.  We can, at the request of schools, students, parents or guardians, step in, communicating effectively with everyone involved.  We can then assist with creating and implementing a suggested action plan to help alleviate problems they face.  

Providing a caring environment where emotional, educational and practical needs are met can help you attract, retain and motivate your Chinese students.

Translation and Marketing Services

If looking to attract and retain Chinese students it’s important to ensure your marketing materials are appropriate and relevant to the target market.  We can translate existing marketing materials into both Simplified and Traditional Chinese, as well as assist with the creation of bespoke materials that are targeted to the Chinese market.

As well as attracting new students it’s vital to ensure current students and, where appropriate, their parents and carers feel included.  Achieve this through the creation of Chinese language material such as progress reports, newsletters, welcome material and policy documents.

Chinese student support servcies

Don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more about the services we can offer.

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